Who we are

We're a new kind of law firm, built for a new set of customers.

Brookland Legal is there when you need them.

In the past, people would have a legal question and then agonize over whether it was worth calling a lawyer.  Then they'd have to ask around, research, meet with several lawyers (who may or may not give you a free consultation).  At the end of all that, maybe you still think it's worth writing a large check and just hoping that everything goes well.

That's not our model.

Our goal is to be your first stop with all legal needs.  That's why we try to offer a wide variety of services that families and small businesses want regularly.  If we don't have what a client needs, then we want to develop that service or we want to be able to point you to someone who can do  it in the meantime.

Services for individuals

Services For Individuals

Serving individuals in Greater Seattle and state-wide

Family Law

If you're going through a divorce, custody fight, or any other proceeding that affects your family and your rights, then you need to have qualified counsel to guide you through your next steps.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Brookland Legal is here to help you in your estate planning at all stages, whether you want to draft planning documents, establish living trusts immediately, or need someone to handle probate matters.

Criminal Expungement

Many of our clients may not realize that former convictions and arrests may be expunged or sealed, even if it occurred as an adult.  We can guide you through the process to determine if you are eligible.

Other Matters

Our goal at Brookland Legal is to develop lasting client relationships.  If you have a legal need that isn't listed here, let us know.  We may be able to handle it or help you find someone who can.

Services for business

Corporate Formation

You have a business plan, you know your customer base, you're ready to go, and suddenly you are faced with a number of legal choices that may seriously impact your business down the road.  "LLC or Corporation?  What licenses do I need?  Do I need insurance?"  We can help you.

Contract Drafting and Review

As a business owner, you will enter into legal agreements on a near-daily basis.  Don't assume that a contract isn't a land mine simply because of  low stakes or because everyone seems to agree at the time.  Every breach of contract suit starts with "We all agreed ..."  Make sure you're protected.

Commercial Leases

Most small business owners view leasing a space the same way that people view renting an apartment, but commercial leases are much more complicated and potentially risky for your business.  Have us navigate the legalese and give you peace of mind.